Bob Newman

Some people photograph at home. Others travel to make their pictures. That’s me. I love to travel and make pictures of people and places.

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When I started to photograph, I would select a destination and the photography would come second. Now, more often than not, what I might see, and who I might meet along the way, have become the driving force behind my travel. Going off the beaten path holds particular appeal.

I most like to photograph people and their environments. Initially, I wanted to go to a different location every time. Now I prefer to return to one general location, digging deeper to explore the lives and cultures of those that I am photographing. I have learned that going back is not repetition. Rarely, are things the same; always, there are new opportunities.

The images I create best fit in the Social Documentary category of photography. My hope is that those viewing my photographs will begin to see things in a new way and be encouraged to reflect on and appreciate both our similarities & differences.